Friday, February 13, 2009

Domino Doc 7.0 on Domino 8.0.2 ...has anyone had problems

We are pondering whether to upgrade our domino servers to 8 in the next few weeks. However, Domdoc is not supported on domino 8 (we run on AIX).
So this leaves us with 2 options:

  • Upgrade anyways. Our test/preprod environments are already running domdoc on domino 8 and we have not seen problems
  • Move domdoc to a box running windows (build a new server, install domino 7.0.3, apply FP's, install domdoc as replica server, create library replica, replicate all file cabinets, change library master, change file cabinet masters, shut down old domdoc, and modify a bunch of db's that point to domdoc data)
As you can see, option #2 is quite painful...and the less you have to do with domdoc...the better!!

So has anyone had problems running domdoc on domino 8?

1 comment:

  1. We have asked our clients NOT to upgrade the Doc servers to 8 or past 703.
    reasons are obvious.
    While I want to test it and make it sure its okay, the environment THEY use is very varied and too many variations to test properly and it could cripple them if we did it and there were problems.
    So although I personally would do it, in this case, and it's rare I admit it, I must go with what is better for my clients on the 1% chance it goes bad.
    Thus we are moving them to Quickr instead.

    If you have reasons to update the AIX, why not make a separate partition on the AIX box, leave this partition where it is and create a new server name if you need it? Which is what we did with a similar dilema once.

    Find me online to discuss more if you want to.